The Story So Far...

A little while ago, Bridget began to dream up and create personalised gifts for weddings, all from our living room. With her background in the creative arts, Clouds and Currents started out as a little adventure ‘on the side’, however things gradually grew to take over (in a good way…) our brainpower, our home and our lives! We had the privilege of winning Not On The High Street’s prestigious ‘Handmade Product of the Year’ in 2013 and we decided to take the plunge to see how far our creativity would take us!

We were very fortunate to move into a beautiful studio just around the corner from our home in sleepy Coggeshall, Essex in October 2013 and, since then, things have developed to where we are today; creating unique and bespoke items for your special occasions. We’re still a small team but we’re stocked to the brim with creative people, who love nothing more than dreaming up handmade items that will set your occasion apart. Don’t get us wrong, we still love a good wedding (who doesn’t?!) but we’ve branched out a little since those days of storing hangers and wire under our bed.

Thanks for sharing in our journey thus far, have a browse round the site and don’t be a stranger!

Bridget and Pete

Meet The Team

  • Bridget

    Founder / Creative Guru

    Bridget is the founder of Clouds and Currents, and our Creative Director. She came up with the original idea of creating personalised wedding hangers, and everything after that! With a background in art and design, she makes sure we always stay one step ahead in creating unique gifts to inspire.

    Most Likely To Be Found...

    Encouraging Each Team Member To Release Their Inner Musical Diva

  • Pete

    Jack of All Trades...

    Pete is Bridget's husband and helped out in the early stages by wrapping every order and queueing in the local Post Office. He now oversees the technical bits and bobs, looks for opportunities to promote our product range further afield and dabbles in design, when he gets a chance!

    Most Likely To Be Found...

    Pinching Studio Biscuits

  • Hannah

    Product Geek / Classical Music Expert

    Hannah joined the team in February 2014, just before the Valentine's Day rush! She's a 'whizz' with the wire for our award-winning hangers and writes product descriptions that help us to remain good friends with the various internet search engines on offer...along with a million other jobs!

    Most Likely To Be Found...

    Pouring Another Cup of Tea

  • Abigail

    Maker of Marvellous Goods / Extreme Sports Enthusiast

    Abigail joined us for Christmas 2014, to make sure that each order was sent out with just the right amount of seasonal touches. She was so good she's still here, and she still brings it! Among her many talents, she is one of our wirework specialists and has a knack of creating Pinterest boards that sparkle.

    Most Likely To Be Found...

    Searching For The Posh Coffee

  • Will

    Maker / Designer / Porridge Connoisseur

    Will heads up the manufacturing element of Clouds and Currents, making sure that every order is designed and created to your exact specifications. He's the guy that you speak to if you need your Guest Book to include the countries of San Marino and Nauru, and your mini heart moved just 3 clicks to the left, 2 clicks up and 37 clicks to the right.

    Most likely to be found...

    Vouching for the quality of 80's Disco music

  • Kate

    Expert Problem Solver / Skiing Correspondent

    Kate is the friendly face that you'll speak to if you've any queries about your order with us at Clouds and Currents. Alternatively, you can talk with her about skiing, as she's a bit of an expert, or about the ever-growing population of cats that she has adopted into her care!

    Most likely to be found...

    Creating the kind of spreadsheet documents that can run entire countries

  • Robyn

    Packing Guru / Britney Spears Enthusiast

    Robyn joined us in October 2015 and makes sure that everything leaves the studio in pristine condition. If she's not wielding a hand-sander, hot-foiling a batch of new hand-pressed cards, or creating one of our lovely handmade wire hangers, she'll be drinking tea...milk, one sugar.

    Most likely to be found...

    Creating a Britney Spears-only playlist on Spotify for us to listen to (endure.)

  • Peanut

    Head of Entertainment / Tester of Tasty Bones

    Peanut is Clouds and Currents' very own Head of Entertainment, and takes to the role with aplomb. He enjoys nothing more than meeting and greeting any visitors, when he's not having a kip on the comfy seats that is...

    Most Likely To Be Found...

    Eating Apple Cores

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