How To Plan Your Dream Tropical Wedding

Have you been dreaming of a tropical wedding, surrounded by sun, sea and sand, with all of your closest friends and family around you!?

While we know it’s not always possible to travel to exotic climes - perhaps the tropical heat is not your thing, or maybe the long travel arrangements are a little daunting, there are still plenty of wedding ideas to help cheat your way to tropical paradise. From painted pineapple table toppers to delicious cocktails served in coconuts, the possibilities are endless


With the wide range available in most local florists, finding your favourite flowers has never been so easy. Choosing a colour scheme, however might be a little more tricky! Selecting a tropical themed bouquet is a great way to have some fun and add some creative, vibrant colours into the wedding theme.

If you're after that statement piece, why not pair flowers with a spot of exotic fruit thrown in for good measure. If bright colours aren't your thing, why not opt for soft pastel tones and contrasting leafy greens. Don’t be afraid to experiment and who knows what tropical wedding ideas you might come up with!


Tropical Arch
A really simple way of adding a topical beach theme to your day, is by creating an exotic flower and leaf themed arch or flower wall! If you're unable to source fresh flowers, we'd recommend opting for faux flowers and foliage, which will allow you to play around with the arrangement, without fear of destroying your precious flowers. To keep the faux flowers looking fresh, spray with a little flower spray, designed to give a shiny, realistic coating!

Table Toppers

Keeping up with the tropical theme, why not incorporate a little exotic touch on each table. Our top idea involves a pineapple and some metallic spray paint! Taking a pineapple and some spray paint (we'd recommend a metallic shine for an extra finishing touch) coat the pineapple and leave to dry. Arrange in between tropical flowers, adding a table number or table name. For an interactive table feature, why not surround with other exotic fruits for your guests to munch on!

 Button Holes

Why stop there? We LOVE the idea of creating pineapple button holes to really make you feel like you have been whisked away to an exotic island (with a watermelon margarita or strawberry mojito in hand).

 Whatever version of a tropical themed wedding you decide to go for, the most important thing to remember is to have fun! A tropical wedding is all about relaxing with friends and family in the sun!  So, embrace your creativity and get inspired! Why not encourage your guests to embrace the theme by appearing in their favourite tropical dresses for the after party?

x Elena

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