NEW Product Launch - Inspirational Fabric Wall Art Banners

With the shift in seasons (and Christmas not long around the corner), we thought it was time we brought another brand new product to the table. With family and fond memories being such a huge part of a lot of our lives, we’re always looking for new ways to incorporate that love, warmth and nostalgia into our homes. Every home is unique, but what each house has in common exists in every room - wall space. Filling your walls with hung photographs, posters and pieces of art is a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to the room - but we’ve created something new to mix it up. 
Our banners are canvas, finished with 100% wool trim around the edges to add a soft frame. We sew them in-house and finish them with brass hanging rings, allowing you to pop your banner up easily in your home. Our banners come in three different shapes and sizes - and we’ve got plenty of options when it comes to choosing the wording for your banner.

Something for the kids
Whether you’ve got a beautiful newborn, a cheeky toddler or an ambitious teenager, our banners are a brilliant addition to any kid’s room. Add a banner adorned with your baby’s birthdate to your nursery wall, or with a motivational, thought-provoking quote to look up to while you’re nursing them to sleep. 
For kids that are fast growing up, our banners can be personalised with their goals and dreams, or sporting and school achievements they’re proud of. The banners also make great signs for their bedroom doors, too.

Celebrate your relationship

For all the couples out there, our banners are a wonderful way of marking milestones or capturing special moments in your relationship. Decorate yours with your engagement or wedding date, or keep it simple with a classic Mr and Mrs. If you’ve got a special song, important place or another significant phrase that always makes you smile, why not pop it on a banner?

Family fun

If the walls of your family home are teeming with countless photo frames, our banners are a great way to break them up with some colour and text. Pop your family name up in your hall or kitchen to welcome people into your home, or opt for a classic family quote that evokes funny memories instead. If you fancy something a bit different, why not go for your family bucket list instead, filled with different places you want to visit and activities you all want to try?

Motivate yourself

Our banners aren’t just for families or couples. They’re the perfect way to inspire and motivate you in your daily life, and to give you a little pep whenever you need it. Opt to use your banner for more personal reasons instead - choose a lyric or quote close to your heart, a significant place or destination, or an achievement that you’re particularly proud of. 

We’ve also designed four larger options with beautiful, funny or poignant quotes we’ve hand-selected. These banners come in bold mustard yellow or rich burnt orange, ideal for adding a pop of colour to a neutral space. The quotes we’ve chosen are as follows:

- We are in this together

- I have nothing to wear

- It's cool to be kind

- Whilst we're here, we should dance

We hope you’re as excited about our gorgeous new banners as we are - shop the whole collection here. We’d love to see photos of them in their new homes - show us how you’re styling your banner and the design you picked by tagging us in all your pics on Instagram.


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