Inspiring Autumnal Interiors

Whether we like it or not, the days of al fresco dining and relaxing in the garden are behind us for a little while. Inevitably, as hibernation season approaches, we spend so much more of our lives in our home - which is why it’s crucial that your interior space is beautiful, relaxing, cosy and calming. 

It’s no secret that we’re huge lovers of Pinterest. We’ve browsed lots of inspiring boards and handpicked some of our favourite autumnal interior trends to help you refresh your home.



Switch out the greenery

Houseplants are a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in - but over the winter months, they can become a little bit tricky and temperamental. Most species pause their growth over winter, meaning they might look a little more lifeless this season. 

Instead of opting to buy fake flowers or plastic plants, we’re loving the stunning dry grass trend. Dried grasses and flowers come in gorgeous shades of dusky brown, orange and rose pink, and they’re the perfect low maintenance way to add foliage to your space.


Beautify blank wall space

Big walls are a brilliant canvas to express your personality within your home. As much as we love timeless framed family photos, we’re also inspired by unique ways to adorn your walls. Framed pressed leaves and flowers make for a lovely decorative statement, and big bold quotes are also great for reminding you to stay motivated throughout the darker, colder months. 

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Add a splash of sunset

Stereotypically, autumnal colours are rich, deep shades that reflect the falling leaves and approaching festivities. However, we’re loving lighter fresher tones this season to keep your home feeling airy despite the gloomy weather. Vibrant sunset shades like warm rosy peach and fiery orange are the perfect way to create a warm (but bright) space. 

If your home is neutral or you don’t fancy making any permanent changes (aka, getting out the paintbrushes), add some colourful throws, cushions, candles and vases instead. That way, you can easily switch them back out for something new next year.


Mix up your textures

Autumnal textures are wonderfully diverse - the crackle of burning wood, the snap of dried leaves and the crunch of frosty grass underfoot. Bringing layers of texture into your home is simple, and can add depth to even the smallest and most basic of rooms.

Our favourite ways to add texture include wicker baskets, woven ornaments, fluffy rugs and feathery dried grasses. Wood is also a wonderful way to bring autumn into your home - and don’t be afraid to mix up the tone and type of wood, either. Combining light wooden kitchenware with dark work surfaces creates an authentic look, similar to what you’d find in the natural world.


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