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We want to bring some joy to these strange and uncertain days and we’ve been working on creating some fun printable activities for you and your loved ones over the coming weeks. We're firm believers that creativity is everywhere and in every single one of us - why not give it a go! :)

As the nation joins together with symbols of hope, create your own rainbow picture to display in your window, and then go on a hunt around your local neighbourhood to see how many other rainbows you can spot on the trail.

To help spark your creativity, you can download our free activity here to help get you started. Take a look at our Rainbow Pinterest board for some inspiration too 

Be creative and, most of all, have fun! 

You Will Need - 

  • scissors 
  • Blutac  - or something to display your work
  • a bunch of creative supplies - we think pencils and pens work perfectly but if you wanted to collage and get super creative your rainbow will look amazing!

Step 1

Print out the handy PDF by clicking here

Within these sheets you will find a series of hearts that we have handily drawn for you, there should be enough to create a beautiful window display! 

Step 2

This is the best bit - let’s get creative! It’s time to show off your artistic side; colour, paint, take the kids outside and get rubbings from different textures, cut up an old newspaper and collage, the possibilities really are quite endless, but we think the brighter and more colourful the better! Check out the images below of some of our favourite rainbows for some colour inspiration! 

Our top tip, if you are colouring in, is colour before you cut out as this will help you keep the paper nice and steady. 

Step 3 

Cut out your amazing coloured hearts and get arranging. Find a window and start sticking them up following a basic arch shape, with the Blutac colour side facing out for everyone to see. 

Step 4 

Take a photo and share with all your friends, and keep the rainbow trail going!

Tag your images with @cloudsandcurrents on Instagram and leave your top tips for creating in the comments below - we can't wait to see what you create!


The Clouds and Currents team x

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