With so much inspiration available for your wedding cake, we’ve indulged in some key trends to help you choose which cake is for best, for both you and your partner! 

Drip Cakes
This is a trend that has rapidly become a firm favourite in the world of wedding cakes. A drip cake has the same building blocks as a standard cake. Use your tried and tested recipe to create your ideal sponge, add a delicious filling and sandwich the cake together. For your wedding cake to be worthy of the drip cake title, it must be overflowing with ganache! Using a spoon, drop some ganache from the sides of the cake and allow it to drip. Keep adding ganache to the top of the cake, pouring a little at a time until you are happy with the result. Don’t be afraid of allowing the ganache to flow, work with confidence and be creative. Our top tip - chill your cake thoroughly before applying your dripping ganache!

Naked Cakes
If you’re not a big ganache lover, then a naked cake might be your winner! A naked cake consists of a really simple design, but the results are just glorious! Whether you’d like to adorn your naked cake in flowers and fruits, or prefer to shower it in powdered sugar for an understated look, you’ll find a naked cake to fit all wedding themes. 

Cheese Stack
Calling all cheese lovers, if a traditional wedding cake isn't for you, why not consider a creamy brie, a rich cheddar or the deep flavour of stilton to celebrate the big day. Pick your favourite, or mix and match flavours to create a tiered cheese masterpiece. Decorate with flowers between each layer for a chic twist.

Marble Cakes
A newbie to the cake trends, a marble cake will give a regal and timeless elegance to your wedding. With endless colour combinations, edible gold leaf accents and crystal geode cut outs made from rock candy, the possibilities are endless. To make the marble pattern, take sections of your coloured fondants and begin to merge together, the more you merge, the more detailed the marble print! When you’re ready, roll out the icing and apply to your cake. Our top tip- crumb coat your cake first to help when applying your fondant icing!

x Elena

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