Meet the Makers

It's so lovely to meet you! Here at Clouds and Currents, we're a friendly, creative team of nine who believe in creating the highest quality, uniquely personalised gifts, helping you to escape the ordinary gift-giving experience.

We design and make every item from a studio in the rural Essex countryside and, instead of robotic production lines and warehouses, we get to look out across lush scenery and spot muntjac deer while we create your orders!


Bridget is the main designer and founder of Clouds and Currents.



is the founder of Clouds and Currents and our Creative Director. With a background in the Creative Arts, she designed the original, award winning Personalised Wedding Hanger and has been creating unique items ever since. You'll most likely find her working on exciting new projects while humming a Beyonce tune!

Pete is the Studio Manger and director of Clouds and Currents with his wife Bridget.


is married to Bridget and has been with the business since it began. He's the Studio Manager and overseas the technical bits and bobs of running a working studio. You'll most likely find him drumming along to a catchy tune.

Zeph is the newest team member of Clouds and Currents, baby model and entertainer.



is quite simply brilliant. Aside from this, he's our baby model, chief dribbler and works alongside his doggy 'brother' Peanut as part of the Entertainment team. You'll most likely find him chasing Peanut around the studio.

Lucy is a valued member of the Clouds and Currents studio team, she is heavily involved in product design and development.



is one of our product creation specialists. She's also on our Product Development and Design Team, working with Bridget on exciting new ventures. She's always on the look out for new ideas to push the boundaries of creativity with a smile on her face! You'll most likely find her doodling creative home project ideas found on Pinterest.





is our Customer Team; that's right, she's the first point of call for any enquiries and is always happy to chat through your ideas as you decide which item would work for your occasion! She supports the product creation team and helps with our Social Media and Creative Content. You'll most likely find her rescuing a spider from the studio...

Dorelice is a valued studio team member of Clouds and Currents, and the gift wrap queen.



makes sure that everything leaves the studio on it's way to you in tip-top shape. When she's not wielding a hand-sander, hot foiling hand-pressed cards or creating a handmade wire hanger, she'll be drinking coffee...lots of coffee. You'll most likely find her dreaming of sunny beaches in her homeland of Mexico.





is one of our newest product creation specialist (it turns out that making every order in-house requires ALOT of hands) and she makes sure that every detail is designed and delivered. One of her roles is creating your digital artwork, so she's always ready to tackle bespoke projects and challenges. You'll most likely find her designing her dream pottery studio!Peanut is the four-legged, head of entertainment at Clouds and Currents.



is our Studio Greeter and Head of Entertainment, teaming up with Zeph. He's been with Clouds and Currents since we began so he loves chatting to our lovely posties, munching on apples and escaping from the studio. Youll most likely find him relaxing in the sunniest spot of the studio - unless he's escaped - in which case, if you could find him, that'd be great...


So, that's us! How about you? Say hello over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - we'd love to hear from you :)